Letter to the Editor: The people or the drug companies?

Have you heard of President Biden’s Build Back Better (BBB) plan? The Democrats want to invest $350 billion/year for 10 years in human infrastructure along with $58 billion/year for 10 years in physical infrastructure. In contrast, the military budget is $785 billion/year for 10 years.

Here’s what’s in the BBB and applies to all Americans and their families: 1) universal preschool for 3-4 year olds; 2) free community college; 3) increase child tax credits paid monthly; 4) 12 weeks paid family leave; 5) up to $12,500 in tax credits for electric car purchases; 6) forest management and wildfire mitigation; 7) safe drinking water, and energy efficiency and weatherization projects, and 8) investments in schools and teachers.

There are also investments in climate disruption mitigation. The plan is to reduce electricity generation pollution by 80% by year 2030. That means thousands of jobs for Americans. It should be obvious to everyone now that we need to end CO2 emissions in order to survive on Earth. Otherwise, all our forests will burn to the ground along with a total depletion of our water reserves stored in our dams and lakes.

The BBB also increases benefits for Medicare. Dental care, hearing, and vision services are included in the plan, as well as the ability for Medicare to negotiate drug prices with America’s pharmaceutical industry. Wait, what? You mean Medicare cannot negotiate drug purchases?


Yes. Even though Medicare buys billions of dollars worth of prescription drugs each year, they are forced to buy these drugs at the single unit cost. Everyone knows that if you buy in quantity, you get price discounts. But during the Bush Jr. Administration, our Congress weighed ‘should we buy in bulk to save Americans $45 billion/year or should we give the drug industry billion$ in free cash?’ Our Congress chose the drug industry over America’s seniors. How does that sit with you?

But, don’t worry Americans, the decades-long streak of Congress doing very little for us will continue. The BBB won’t pass even though 70% of all Americans, including Republicans and Independents, support the bill. That’s because there are two Democratic Senators blocking the majority of the bill. Senators Manchin and Sinema are taking in $10’s to $100’s of thousands of dollars in bribes from the drug industry, the health insurance industry, and the fossil fuel industry to vote no on the BBB. Manchin also has a coal business.  Hmmm.

Somehow they can justify ‘I want my money and the hell with everyone else.’

Oh, and every single Republican also will vote no on the BBB. You see, their constituents are not the people either, rather they vote to please only the wealthy and corporations. I guess most Americans prefer to live the life of a pauper so that the fabulous wealthy can live like kings and queens.


Mark Mihevc