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Letter to the Editor: The Playbook


First, I would like to compliment Mark Mihevec on his letter about Joe Biden awhile back about how successful his first two years in office were. I wanted to do the same thing myself. Even many Democrats don’t give him enough credit. Of course, the chance of impressing those on the right is void. How long after he was in office did the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant (and flags, etc.) start? The right wing “news” outlets immediately began their negative rhetoric about Biden (and all Democrats) as soon as, or even before, he was in office. To Nick, I have PTSD, bad!

For the subject at hand, I am writing about the Republican “playbook” used to help influence their voters. There is always a “boogieman”. Nancy Pelosi is one. Nancy Pelosi is a great human being and politician but always vilified on the right. You might disagree with her, but, guess what, she is a decent human being trying to do what she thought was right. Yet Republicans running for office all over the country would run adds using her as a foil. That is because of a constant drubbing she always gets form right wing “news” organizations that most of their viewers buy into. Lately George Soros seems to be latest punching bag. Just use his name to rile up your viewers and create a negative image. By the way, Soros has nothing to do with Alvin Bragg, but hey, truth means nothing to those on the right who throw out lies like confetti (they might stick and, if not, try another). “Woke”, not a person but a word, serves the same purpose. My hope is that voters will look at the issues honestly, see where the parties stand (abortion, gay rights, climate change, gun issues, overall governing policies to name a few) and vote accordingly. The Republicans are showing exactly who they are on these issues and I do not believe, for a second, that the majority of Americans are for them, especially young voters. The choices we make in these next elections will have profound consequences on what we look like, as a nation in the world, and for the individual freedoms of our citizens. Vote for Democrats!

Dan Hopkins

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