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Letter to the Editor: The problems created by Airman Jack Tiexeira, attorney General Garland and…

That I was not invited to attend the first Court appearance, but the press revealed that Jack has been charged with unauthorized removal, retention and transmission of national defense information, and removal of classified documents. Two (2) charges! Serious stuff! It appears from the allegations that he could face 10 years and 5 years in prison, that is, 10 years based on the first violation and 5 years on the second charge.

When the legal procedures are completed, he will probably be known as Jack in the Box. The interesting charge or allegation is the second one, removal of classified documents. But Attorney General Garland was quick to point out that publication was the major crime. Being the fair-minded liberal he is, he made a remark which sounded that President Biden, former President Trump and former Vice President Pence were not authorized to remove classified documents, but they did not publish anything. They were not authorized to remove documents but they are not guilty because they are above the law and Attorney General Garland believes that the law applies equally to all, most of the time. A garland is a collection of flowers and he will flower up the facts, as necessary.

Since the law does apply, mostly equally, to all but Mr. Trump, he should drop the investigations against the White House tenants, former or present, but that’s a problem. It’s easy as the law applies to President Biden, and perhaps Mr. Pence, but as always, Mr. Trump has to be guilty. He is a natural guilty sort of a guy!

This ignorant Airman will pay for the problems he created!

The answer is to make a plea deal. Drop the “removal of classified documents” charge.

That’s politically correct and it prevents the President from having to serve 5 more years of Federal Time. Actually, four years is enough.

Roads do, at times, have turns in them.

Jan Klement


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