Letter to the Editor: The shining stars in our corner of the world

Here in a small corner of the world, sometime seemingly so  far, far away from the things we see on the news, how are we so blessed with multiple SHINING STARS in this tiny mountain population?

The Christmas spirit definitely was felt by all those who turned down Fairgrounds Road on the last three Friday and Saturday nights to a full blown light show!

The local churches and The Crisis Center never missing a beat after it disappeared to ashes.

Let us not forget the front line medical personal putting themselves in danger everyday.

Volunteers at Cans providing much needed food to all.The grocery stores, employees and Social  Services Agencies.

The many volunteers who worked painting the fairground’s displays. And just the people we meet everyday on the streets, I and many others Thank You and wish all these SHINING STARS A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND JOY to you and those you Love in 2021!

Good Bye 2020. A year we all will never forget.

Bernice Batick