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Letter to the Editor: The sky is not falling

Climate Change is real, the cause is unknown. Simple as that. Climate change can be good. Look for the beauty in it. The sky is not falling.

Not long ago you would have been laughed out of the room if you suggested you could change the weather much less change the climate. What an ego mankind has that they would even consider that they had the ability or intelligence to alter a force so incredibly powerful that it can move millions of tons of water through the atmospher daily. Power that is inconceivable and has had mankind awe struck since the beginning and now they think they can alter it.

You’re being played the fool. Your money is being taken from you with no representation in the form of carbon taxes and fees. No corporation pays that tax/fee. The consumer (you) pay it.

No matter if a majority believe or not. At one time the vast majority believed the world was flat or that 2 balls of different weight would fall at different speeds. No, being in the majority does not make anything real.

Sit back relax and enjoy the ride.

Oh, what ever became of the hole in the ozone layer? Still there. Gets bigger and smaller. Made millions for some researchers.

Phil Shafer


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