Letter to the Editor: The Trump virus

Journalist Bob Woodward interviewed Trump with 18 hours of recorded phone calls. In one call in February 2020, Trump stated that he knew that the coronavirus was dangerous, highly contagious, transmitted in the air, and deadly. But he did not want to inform the public because he did not want a ‘panic.’ The panic Trump was referring to however wasn’t about panicking Americans; rather Trump was worrying about a panic in the stock market.

Remember that Trump called the virus a ‘Democrat[ic] hoax’, downplayed the severity of the virus to this day, and said it will all go away when it gets warmer.

Trump continues to downplay the positive health affects of masks and social distancing and continues to hold super-spreader rallies knowing the potential for American deaths.

Like the sissy that he is, Trump takes no responsibility for anything. Trump blames China for his failures. Trump blames Obama, Biden, and Democrats for everything. Trump even blames Woodward for not informing the public on the virus. Woodward is not the US president…


Trump knew about the severity of the virus, yet refused the test kits from the WHO (World Health Organization) and even later withdrew America from the organization. He refused to utilize the Defense Production Act to produce masks, ventilators, and personal protection equipment. Trump then told the States that they are on their own, especially ‘blue states.’  Trump even fired the US Pandemic Response Team.

And look where we are. The Trump Virus has killed over 200,000 Americans. Trump has destroyed our economy. The unemployment rate is 8.4 percent. Long-lived businesses are closing their doors forever. Americans once again are losing their homes. The GDP is now -32.9 percent annualized – a negative GDP. Trump is killing not only Americans but America’s economy as well. But the wealthy continue to get wealthier.

It’s unbelievable to me that anyone could ever vote for Trump. Just remember, Trump wants your child to go back to school knowing full well your child or you (the parents of those children) could die or be sicken for life due to the Trump Virus.

Mark Mihevc