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Letter to the Editor: They’ll Believe Anything

We knew Trump and Putin would excite and delight the QANON folks. We knew, eager to believe anything, they’d find some crazy nonsense to push alongside FOX News.

Who cares! It’s funny, how suddenly they’re rolling out the old conspiracies about Ukraine, or (insert the latest pet gripe here.) They say Ukraine is now an agent or pawn of the “New World Order.” As we all know, the “NWO” is the nefarious “cabal of global elites,” possibly reptilian, plotting forced depopulation and their evil plan to destroy Democracy and the world by bringing about “The End Times.” Depending on one’s individual take. The potential for different interpretations, as with all facts, is as varied as there are people on the planet. Excluding, of course, the historical meaning of the phrase.

There’s been virtually no internet traffic on this topic for quite some time, with Republicans focused as they’ve been on the destruction of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. Until a Ukrainian MP uttered the words “new world order” in a discussion on FOX following the Russian invasion. And what do you know? The topic is trending again. The kooks have temporarily traded the “deep state” narrative for the broader “NWO” narrative. Thanks to FOX News, the “freedom convoy,” and debunked Russian state-run disinformation.

I don’t care what channel you watch. Why don’t you try reading?

Helene Day


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