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Letter to the Editor: Think about it …

As I have previously noted, the earth’s atmosphere is made up of approximately 78% Nitrogen, 20 to 21% Oxygen (which is poisonous when highly concentrated), and the other 1 to 2% of our atmosphere is made up of various trace gasses, including Argon – 0.93% (inert gas), Carbon Dioxide – 0.036%, Neon (inert gas) – 0.00182 %, Helium – (inert gas) 0.000524%, Methane – 0.00015%, Krypton – 0.000114% (inert gas) (watch out Superman), and Hydrogen – 0.00005%. (The evidence is undeniable and overwhelming.) No political argument here. Simply, observed, tested repeatedly with the same result by many separate studies, scientific fact. Naturally these numbers vary at any given location, at any given moment.

My main purpose here is to point out the very (very, very, very) small amount of the atmosphere that is made up of “greenhouse” gasses. The grain of truth being, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentrations of 0.036% and Methane (CH4) at only 0.00015% is minuscule yet it is credited with absorbing enough of the sun’s energy to impact the temperature of the planet enough to trigger climate change. [note to self, Insert bewildered emoji.]

The carbon dioxide level in human exhaled air is about 3.8%, or 38,000ppm (parts per million). That is of course an average and there are many variables that would increase or decrease that estimate. Running and bicycling being a couple of variables that would increase the carbon dioxide concentration per breath along with more breaths per minute. So, I have stopped running.

In 2021 the world population was estimated to be 7.87 billion. (2.78 billion in China and India combined) With an average respiration rate of 12 to 16 breaths per minute at rest 24/7, 365 days a year, that is a lot of CO2. Those estimates would be much higher in the US Congress. (Political cartoon concept, if we all put plastic bags over our heads for 5 minutes we could reduce the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. Oh, wait that would produce large amounts of methane from decomposition and reduce the tax base. Scratch that idea. Crying produces more CO2 then contented breathing.) I will believe they are serious about CO2 when they stop producing carbonated beverages.

Take note that climatologists are concerned that the earth’s atmosphere has an estimated CO2 concentration of 400 ppm. I realize that the assumption is that natural environmental systems can handle the CO2 produced by common sources without some adverse effect on the environment. It cannot handle the “additional” CO2 being produced by industrialization. Poppycock. A very scientific description of mere foolishness. The argument that the natural balancing systems within the environment cannot handle additional CO2 is to deny that fossil fuels were ever a part of the equation back before they were fossil fuels. There is a leap for you. Is not mankind and their activities a part of nature? I hold that we are a part of nature. And by design God created the systems to sustain us and other forms of life for His glory. Off track, for another time perhaps.

I assure you a model could be developed to demonstrate the environment’s CO2 carrying capacity and by tweaking the inputs achieve whatever outcome one may want. Whatever would get you a federal grant to study for the next, oh say, 20 years. And if you project the results out far enough you won’t even be around to face the consequences of your failed research. The ozone hole hypothesis was 50 years out. Current climate changes of just 1 degree Celsius was 35 years and 3 degrees Celsius by 2100. But the tipping point (undefined) is in 8 years. Think Think Think

For those folks that deny they are being manipulated by politicians, think about it. Is carbon dioxide (at 0.036%) and methane (at 0.00015%) the reason for climate change? We really do not know why or what mechanism(s) cause the climate to change. We know historically it does change. There are many hypotheses but not many well supported theories why it changes. CO2/CH4 concentrations are what is trending today. I have lived for 70 years and have seen hypotheses and theories come and go. Like eggs are bad for you because of their effect on your cholesterol or Hunter’s laptop was Russian misinformation. Wait 10 years and the current theories will change. Most of you may still be here and not perished due to climate change.

If we could identify the cause(s) of climate change could we really effect a change in them? Or can we really affect the change that is happening? We either adapt to the change or we do not. That is an undeniable claim that applies to every living organism on this planet of which we are only one.

To be manipulated by an irrational fear can be more catastrophic then climate change.

You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. (No, Abraham Lincoln did not say that. I do not doubt he knew it, though.)

My opinions expressed here are my own and do not represent the opinions of a certain lady that lives in Graeagle, CA. She has the right to a different opinion and the freedom to express it. Unless she does it on Twitter or Facebook and they do not like it. God bless America.

Warning: I have exceeded my self-appointed word limit. OK, I’ll quit.

The software used to submit this text does not support subscript characters. in CO2 the 2 should be subscript and CH4 the 4 the same. The human mind can handle that distraction.

Phil Shafer
Quincy, CA

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