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Letter to the Editor: This 94-year-old says leave the signs alone

You can tell one lives in a town with some small minded people when political signs are not safe in your own front yard.  The team of BIDEN-HARRIS is far more popular in Quincy than you might realize.  It’s merely the fact that the signs for Biden-Harris are being defaced or stolen. That is certainly a reflection of the type of people supporting the status quo.

I am 94 years old. This may be the last presidential election in which I get to vote.  If so, I want to leave the country safer for my grandchildren and great grandchildren so I am voting for BIDEN and HARRIS! Since I am unable to state my views with a sign, which was first defaced Wednesday and then stolen Friday night, I ask you to allow me to state them to the voters of Plumas County in the local paper. Vote BIDEN-HARRIS!
Thank you,
Mrs. Leone’ Davis


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