Letter to the Editor: Thoughts on vaccination

Thirteen years ago, on my birthday, my right toe went numb while I was seated. Then the next toe, and the next… When I stood up, I realized it wasn’t just my leg taking a little nap from being seated.
As the hour progressed, the numbness continued up the leg and toward my abdomen. Terrified, I began jumping up and down, trying to jar my body back. This helped the numbness continue all the way down my left leg, and I could feel first the big toe go, right across to the little toe.

So I guess I fell to MS, or a similar nerve dis-ease.

Why do I mention my plight? Because many people are suffering similar repercussions from being encouraged by the “establishment” to take experimental infusions which are not tested. Nerve damage is very painful in its own unique way.

According to VAERS database, the number of fatalities from the shots is around four thousand, while the number of victims experiencing adverse reactions is growing toward two hundred thousand. The CDC admits these figures represent maybe one to ten percent of actual cases.

To all the virtue signaling “do gooders” who will never challenge the official false narratives regarding the proof that SARS COV 2 exists, that the PCR is actually a valid diagnostic tool, and that the vaccine/ operating system is the panacea, they are complicit (knowingly or not)  in the death and injury of many of our fellow country people, shame on them!

They might fire back with pretzel logic to me or others like me, who do their critical research, claiming that WE are the reckless. They might throw sand like kindergardeners, or the dude from Blairsden, with his poorly written letter to the editor, trying to ridicule me.

Meanwhile, people will continue to be harmed, not only by the Covid economic, social and mental fallout, but also by the “jab”. I’ve tried numerous times here to bring awareness, but to no avail.

The initial determination that the new Bin Laden is Covid, and not Jack and the Beanstalk came from the study published in January 2020, titled “A Novel Coronavirus from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019”. On page 43, they admit that CV was not isolated, that they had not fulfilled Koch’s Postulates, and that the genome of the purported virus was attained via in silico methodology. In other words, SARS COV 2 is a computer modeled genome, which does not exist.
Therefore, the “jab” is completely unnecessary. And as the know it alls confidently laugh at this, also consider that the PCR is not a testing process, and is not made for diagnosis. Perhaps take the time to hear or read everything the PCR inventor Kary Mullis had to say about the mis-use of his technology by today’s virologists.

My thoughts and prayers go out th the victims,  families and friends suffering pain and loss from the “jab”. And to get back to my MS, I feel for those going paralyzed, it’s hell!!

So close your eyes virtue signalers, and think of the pain and suffering out there which was completely unneccesary. Go to page 43 and see, then listen to an honest scientist named Kary Mullis, and help humanity to shake the spell that is cast over it.

Socrates had a thought which many should try on for size- “I know that I know nothing”.
Real scientists operate from this basis. Most of today’s  $cienti$t$ and individuals don’t…

Robert Milne