Letter to the Editor: Too much labeling

So being a Democrat is being a Socialist, if that is so being a Republican must be being a White Supremacist. I disagree with both labels. There is a lot of misinformation floating around and a lot of people keep passing on this information whether they believe in it or just say something to say something be it right or wrong. Labeling and name calling has become a new norm lately. But even more dangerous is the new norm of if I don’t like what you are saying I will get in your face.

This mindset has resulted in at rallies the opposing side will ring the rally with arms and start talking about shooting, throwing water bottles, spitting on, and drowning out what is being said with bull horns. So much for freedom of speech. What is disturbing, is this week Michael Caputo, the assistant affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services, claimed that the Democrats will try to seize the election through fraud. The scary part is he then said when Trump refuses to step down at the inauguration the shooting will begin. He recommends buying ammunition now.

Trump confident, Roger Stone is urging the President to declare martial law and seize ballots. Really is this what we have become, this is not democracy. Have we lost sight of who and what we are? Maybe we should stop and step back and reflect on what is going on around us. Because right now my neighbor who is a wonderful person and an asset to the community is supposed to be a Socialist. My co-workers are rapist, murderers, and drug dealers. Somewhere we have lost our ideals of this democracy that we live in.

Duane Vander Veen