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Letter to the Editor: Triple payments

A Plumas News report from May 2nd described a rollover accident near Spring Garden.  As unfortunate as the injuries to the driver, and the damage to the truck (totaled) were, I’ll focus on the approximately 40 gallons of fuel that spilled onto Hwy 70.  First, about a barrel of crude oil needed to be pumped from the ground, transported to a refinery where it was processed, then transported again to a commercial outlet. After this I’ll abbreviate the process to extraction, refinement, and transport (ERT).  Once notified of the accident multiple personnel rushed to the scene to help as needed. Each vehicle consumed fuel to get to Spring Garden; more ERT.  And, whatever equipment the fuel was destined for will need 40 gallons of fuel to replace the spilled fuel, still more ERT.  That’s a tiny drop in the ocean.

In addition to the terrible human tragedy taking place in Ukraine as a result of the Russian invasion, there is also an enormous environmental cost.  Some reports have described Russian forces destroying Ukrainian fuel depots, and other reports tell of Ukrainian forces destroying Russian fuel depots.  Regardless of which side succeeds in destroying their enemies’ fuel, the planet loses. Each side will still be looking to acquire more fuel, which means more ERT.

Unless you have been watching dinosaur herds meander around in the fields beyond the back fence, you must realize that this planet is not receiving a replacement supply of fossils to fill the extraordinary demand for fossil fuels. That’s just my version of environmental and economic costs in response to the question: “Why does gas cost so much?” I appreciate you allowing the right to be every bit as wrong as the writer, and right (or wrong) right back at you.

Gene Nielsen

Crescent Mills

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