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Letter to the Editor: True Facts Matter


Nick recently wrote a letter in about checking all the facts about these letters before buying into them. I could not agree more. Let me tell you a few facts and please check them out. They are true.

  1. 1)  President Biden won the presidential election in 2020 fair and square. Trump’s own pick to head cyber security, Chris Krebs, said it was the most secure election ever correctly predicting that Trump would fire him after he made the comment. He was fired a week later. Trump’s own pick for Attorney General, Bill Barr, told Trump to his face that his claims of widespread voter fraud were “BS”.
  2. 2)  There is no “widespread” voter fraud in voting in America. Take it down to the district level. I believe that I’m in district 17 here. Plumas County voter officials know exactly how many voters are registered in each district and their names and addresses. After the vote they know how many voted and who they are. This is true with mail in votes as well as votes casted on election day. It is an exact number. These votes are sent in and the numbers that are tallied must match.Remember the “cyber ningas” who did their “audit” in Arizona? After about three months they came up with the result that Joe Biden actually got a few more votes than were accounted for. Every single Republican candidate who ran on the election being stolen from Donald Trump was running on a lie. Are these the kind of “leaders” you want running our government?
  3. 3)  Donald Trump tried everything in his power to steal the 2020 Presidential Election. To this day 70% of registered Republicans believe that the election was stolen from Donald Trump. This is in the face of mountains of evidence against Trump and some of his supporters, with no evidence at all that the “deep state” stole the election. Those 70% of registered Republicans are believing what they want to believe the FACTS bedamned. Trump’s actions resulted in the FIRST non- peaceful transfer of presidential power in the history of the United States. So Trump, not even trying to hide it, openly tried to steal the election, while at the same time convincing many of his followers the “other side” was actually guilty and was successful in his efforts with those people.

    All of these things are 100% true. Anybody willing to dispute these facts please include some evidence to the contrary as there is none, only people saying the opposite with no facts or evidence whatsoever.

    Dan Hopkins


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