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Letter to the Editor: Trump fought for their hopes, dreams

Seventy-four million Americans voted for Donald J. Trump as their President.  Eighty million voted for Comrade Biden.  There were twelve new Republicans elected to the House of Representatives, replacing twelve Democrats.  Voter fraud has not been proven by the Trump campaign, therefore it never existed. Right?

If you believe Comrade Biden, who lost two attempted presidential runs, then on his third attempt, hid in his basement and refused to campaign, got the most votes in history…you’re too ignorant to argue with.

Seventy-four million “Deplorable” Americans fear they have lost that one voice that spoke for their cause.  Trump fought for their hopes, dreams, and way of life, during his first term.  They now fear future presidential elections will be fraudulent, socialism will prevail over capitalism and the country, may have seen its last Conservative, President. The filthy swamp and deep state is now returning.

Never, in recent political history, has any Republican President attracted so much public appeal from his base of supporters.  The multitudes follow him like a rock star. People traveled hundreds of miles to his campaign events; knowing they had no guarantee to attend.  For months during his campaign, “Trumpies” camped out for days, stood in line for hours, in all kinds of weather.  They waved flags, and sang patriotic songs.  They waited to see their fighter, their President. The MAGA hats, flags, buttons, T-shirts, flowed like water through the crowds.  “Trumpies” reacted emotionally, almost in a spiritual way, by these events. At the end of the event, you left wanting more and you knew the future was going to be brighter.  You made friends from all lifestyles, ages, races, you were welcomed and safe to speak or even shout your feelings in the crowd. The only concern you had was for the future of the nation if Trump was not re-elected.  Thousands chanted, “We love you” multiple times, and it brought tears to some people’s eyes as they held their Trump signs.  It was a sincere heartfelt feeling, a deep gut feeling which infected everyone in attendance.  Trump was now more than a force, he was a movement, and the Socialists feared him.

He was the populist candidate that spoke a “Deplorable” language, rough, outspoken, combative, decisive, and they loved him for it.

He fought back; he put the media and the left in their place. He called out their lies, bigotry, hypocrisies, pseudo-elitism, and returned it in spades.

The Socialists have taken four long years to oust him from office.  They had to stuff ballot boxes with fraudulent mail in ballots, allow illegals to vote, fix software, killing the “Republic” we once had.  They went so far as to weaponized government offices and agencies to cover up their treason.  They fueled Antifa anarchy, hate, BLM murder of cops, all bolstered by mainstream media, to beat Trump.

It started during his first run for president in 2016 when the FBI launched a “politically” motivated investigation of his campaign. During his subsequent four years in office, there have been consistent efforts to remove him from office, first through the Russia-collusion narrative and then through impeachment.

Over the past five years, the media has relentlessly published skewed and inaccurate information about Trump while minimizing or ignoring his accomplishments, seeking to portray him publicly as an illegitimate president. This type of reporting has created a permanent ongoing climate of anger, hate, and instability in America. It has resulted in threats made to the president’s life and acts of violence against anyone wearing a MAGA hat or anyone that disagrees with Socialist thinking.

It is clearer today, we hate each other equally.  Our nations motto, E pluribus Unum means, “Out of many, one” this is now meaningless but not to the Seventy-four million voters that supported Trump.  We are a nation divided with irreconcilable differences.  There will be no unification between the two cultures for a hundred years; if ever.

Solution: Divide the states by color (red-blue) in order to govern fairly, allow the blue and red states to choose their form of government and leadership.  If you do not like your color…you move to the color state that you like.   You may choose Capitalism of Socialism, Democratic Republic, or Marxism, using a lawful constitution or Marxist manifesto; Judeo-Christian or agnostic.  We could share a joint military similar to today’s NATO agreements.  Trade items such as raw materials and finished goods, etc. “Commerce” and freedom of movement are allowed with a blue or red picture I.D.

You must accept the laws of the nation you have chosen, without exceptions.  Essentially, we do this today with Canada and Mexico.  This would work and it would end the endless hate and fighting we have today.

To the “comrade” socialist party, that stole the election, enjoy your prize, while denying the theft.

Americans will treat you and your party members with the same respect you have treated us.  Your next four years will be hell.  Just having fun…with the possibilities.

Trent Saxton

Lake Davis

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