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Letter to the Editor: Trying to steal the election

Decent patriotic Americans better understand that Senator McConnell, Barr, Trump, LaMalfa, and all Republican Congress members are fascists, no different than the dictators like Hitler, Putin, Jinping, and Jong-un. All right-wing governments, e.g. fascism, are dictatorships where one or a few people run the entire country.

The Republicans are going to steal this election one way or another. They, especially Trump, have admitted to this. By definition, stealing an election is treason against our democracy and represents a coup d’etat. They have already destroyed many of our prized institutions and have stacked the courts.

McConnell, who is by far the most corrupt and fascist of all the Republicans, un-Constitutionally denied President Obama his Supreme Court pick 9 months before the election, but is allowing Trump with only 2 months before an election. He is doing this because Trump intends to challenge the outcome of the election no matter how much he is slaughtered in the election. And with a now fascist Supreme Court, they will bless Trump the fascist dictator and will solidify that he is America’s Hitler.

Trump has purposefully destroyed the US Postal Service. He had the sorting machines destroyed. And why? Simple, Trump wants to ensure ballots, both outgoing and incoming, are delayed so that those votes won’t count. And Republicans want to privatize the USPS so that a random billionaire can charge $5/letter and rake in profits for himself.

Trump will challenge mail-in vote, but Californians and Oregonians and others know that all mail-in votes are verified by the most secure means possible – our signature. But Republicans will still cry foul where none exists.

What if, for example, the Russians infiltrated our government and did exactly what Trump and the Republicans are doing? Would Americans just sit back and say ‘oh darn their goes my country and now Putin is now our dictator’. No, we would not.

Republicans have declared war on our democracy and our Constitution and we must remove them one way or another and by every means possible.

Mark Mihevc
Graeagle, CA

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