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Letter to the Editor: Trying to understand

Like many other Chester residents, I am seeking to understand the causes of the current CPUD and CFD situation that was reported on recently in the Plumas News. In your article regarding the March 29 special board meeting it is stated that “at the Feb. 15 general meeting, Voboril announced that four proposals had been received by the board in response to the solicitation. He said the proposals had been reviewed and he would like to schedule a special meeting on Feb. 22 to have the entire board meet and interview the contractor.”


I have reviewed the minutes of that meeting, as found on the CPUD website. Here is the language I find: “Director Voboril stated that he met with Adam Cox and he is willing to be the interim GM and work for policies etc.”. The paragraph goes on to mention the surprise of some on the board that there seems to have been an offer of employment extended to this individual prior to any discussion with the entire board. The statement quoted in your article is in conflict with the statement we find in the minutes of that meeting. Please help us in our knowledge quest by providing the source of the statement you quoted, so that we may better understand this situation.

Thank you.

Brian Meiers
Chester, Ca.

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