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Letter to the Editor: U.S. economy grew by 5.7%- the most since 1984

Thanks to the Biden Administration and the Democrats, our U.S. economy grew by 5.7% in 2021. This hasn’t been achieved since 1984. Comparing this to 2020, the economy contracted (negative growth) by 3.4% under Trump – it’s worst result since 1946.

The pandemic has a big part in this but not what you expect. The American Rescue Plan, where all Republicans voted NO, put cash in the hands of Americans and tax credits for parents with children. American workers played a big part in this too by quitting low paying jobs and employers finally getting the message that Americans want living wages. So they hired a record number of employees at higher wages.

You see, our economy grows and Americans are happier when they have a decent wage. With decent wages, Americans spend more money on necessities and also things they usually cannot afford (because they are paid so little to live on). When people spend more money, businesses grow and create a demand for more workers. This is how America’s economy normally works.

Did you even hear or read about the 5.7% growth?  Probably not. Our 1st Amendment free press, both legitimate TV and newspaper reporting, either did not mention it at all, or literally spoke one sentence on it (NBC Nightly News), or buried the news immediately upon publication (online versions of newspapers and reporting agencies).

The Washington Post print edition (1/28/22) had the headline of  ‘Economy expected to push past virus’ but the 5.7% GDP growth wasn’t even on the front page. Instead it was buried on the continuation page. If a Republican president did this, it would be headline news for days.

You see, our news media is bought off just like most Congress members, presidents, and state/local government officials. All elected Republican politicians are completely bought off as well as too many Democrats. This is why a Republican majority Congress and President does absolutely nothing for the American people and fight like hell to stop anything the Democrats do that helps the American citizen.

There is a class war going on and it’s between the wealthy versus the rest of us. They have most of all the wealth in this country and they won’t stop until they have it all. It’s a mental illness with the morbidly rich. Their endgame is to take over America’s democracy and turn it into a dictatorship or oligarchy. Most everyone will lose their freedoms and liberties unless you have a skill, talent, or ability that they need.

The citizen Republican and Democrat better realize this and quick or we will all be turned into peasants and servants for the wealthy. To stop this madness we all have to vote for politicians who will vote to ‘…insure domestic Tranquility, [and] promote the general Welfare’ for all Americans.

Mark Mihevc


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