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Letter to the Editor: Use common sense and wear a mask

2020 will be a year we will never forget. Sadly for all the wrong reasons. So many things that we have taken for granted are now gone, albeit temporarily. I hope.

Many things have been lost or put on hold due to Covid-19. Formal gatherings, Vacations, Movie Theatres, Business closures, job loss and much more. But the biggest loss is the loss of a loved one. A friend. A Family member.

Another thing that seems to be gone is Common Sense. But we all know Common Sense isn’t common.

It is a proven fact that Face Masks can save lives. It can save My life, your life and countless other lives. But yet there are many people who do not believe masks.

I was in Quincy a few weeks ago visiting Family. I wore a mask everywhere I went and while I did see others wearing masks there were more who chose not to. I went to multiple fuel stations to fill up and even though there were signs posted on both Station’s doors that Masks are required to enter the building, those Stations did not enforce it. Both times the employees had non maskers in store and none of them told them to leave or put on a mask. One Station’s worker did not have a mask on at all. A few other shops also did not enforce the mask policy.

I called the Plumas County Health Department to complain. I told them that more needed to be done to enforce Masks so that Quincy would not be decimated with the Virus.

Two weeks later, Quincy/American Valley is getting hit hard. Halloween definitely did not help as I only saw two other people with proper face masks walking around East Quincy.

If we all want our lives to properly return to somewhat normalcy, common sense will tell you to mask up. If you cannot wear a mask wear a face shield. We need to be responsible and respectful for ourselves and to others. Don’t wait until you lose a loved one or you become a statistic.

But again, Common Sense isn’t common.

Victor Gallegos


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