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Letter to the Editor: Used to not make a difference

Wow, if you aren’t a wasp you aren’t much of anything. Where I came from there were many nationalities: Germans, Norwegian Dutch, and Czech. When someone needed help we all pitched in; it didn’t make any difference if someone voted Republican or Democratic. Also in our homes we spoke either language. The church we went to the morning service was in Dutch and the afternoon service was in English. I guess we were lucky, since there was no chaos or losing the very principals of the constitution of the United States. We went to the church of our faith and all went to the same school.

We recognized our different political views and accepted them. We believed in the two party system and not the one party system some people now seemed to advocate now. In the past it has been tried to lower the corporate tax to help the economy all four times it has failed. The tax structure could use some work, there are too many individuals and corporations paying little to none in taxes. So The Governor of Colorado should maybe go back and do his home work. At my last job it was the immigrants that you could count on to do a thorough job whereas the third generation white folks main duty was to show up to collect their paycheck.

Duane Vander Veen


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