Letter to the Editor: Vote early

Ballots for the Primary election are being mailed next Monday. Here in Plumas County, we have an all-new Congressional District to learn about. We are now in District 3 (state district for Assembly hasn’t changed for us.)

I know some of you are already doing your research. The candidates generally have web pages and Facebook pages where you can learn about them. Many of you prefer to read the pamphlet that comes with your ballot and I think that is a good source, but understand that the candidate has to pay each county to be in the pamphlet, so having nothing there doesn’t mean they don’t care.

Now I am going to let you in on an important secret, that isn’t secret at all. If you hate getting postcards and phone calls and text messages there is a great way to make those end … without yelling at the person on the phone. Vote. Vote early.
Set aside some time late next week to read through the pamphlet and mark your ballot. Call your neighbors and friends to ask what they think, read those ubiquitous post cards, whatever it takes for you to know who you want to vote for. Mark your ballot and mail it in. After a week or so, we will get updated lists and quit calling the people who have already voted.

So, if you set the ballot aside and wait until June to decide, you will be hearing from me, or someone like me. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Darrah Hopper