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Letter to the Editor: Vote emotions and ideas


It is true that I vote with emotion and great passion. That is because I deeply care about the process. However, to think that I am not considering policy would be incorrect. I have always voted on what I thought was best for the country and world, not necessarily what was best for me. To think that the only reason that I would not vote for Trump was because I don’t like him, which I don’t, would be false.

Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the world and the USA. Any of you out there who don’t believe that better wake up and look at the facts. I believe that there are two main groups who like Trump. Those who actually know who he is (that would include white supremacists, including Trump himself, and many rich corporate types) and those who THINK they know who he is, which, I believe would include most of his supporters. As far as I can tell Vladimir Putin would get votes today if he had an “R” after his name on the ballot.

Let’s take up another issue inflation. Many would like to blame the current administration. Inflation is worldwide. This would be going on despite which party is in power. Nevertheless, I would never vote just based on money, the root of all evil, for short term gain. Climate change, with mankind’s influence on it, has been known for over 50 years yet the fossil fuels industries, despite their own internal documents showing they knew of the effects, have denied it. Why? Money. So, our world is in more peril today so these people can fill their caskets with money? It is ridiculous. Policies should be set for the long term and for what is right for our planet and future generations health not short-term profits. It is time for people to wake up and vote these power mongering, money hoarding, simple minded Republicans out of office ASAP!

P.S. There are many other issues today that the Republicans are on the wrong side of; democracy vs. autocracy, abortion, gun laws, gay rights, book and subject banning in schools to name a few. The fired up young generation of voters knows what to do and I’m with them 100%.

Dan Hopkins

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