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Letter to the Editor: Vote for Social Security; vote for Denney

I read recently the results of an AARP survey that focused on Social Security benefits for Seniors. It was reported that greater than sixty-nine million, almost nine out of ten of those sixty five and older, get Social Security benefits.

But people are worried the Social Security (SS) Trust Fund could run out of money. Payroll taxes paid by workers and employers provide most of the SS Benefit programs and the loss of support would certainly impact the program negatively.

Mr. Trump has recently issued a temporary Executive Order to halt the payroll deduction. This is alarming, and his plan, if reelected, is to make the payroll tax cuts permanent.

Doug LaMalfa has been a rubber stamp for the President, as his voting record shows. Can we think he’ll now stand up for Social Security and the program that supports it?

We have a candidate in Audrey Denney who will defend Social Security and Medicare against attempts to undercut these programs. Every vote counts! Please vote for needed change in November; vote for Audrey Denney for Congress.

Patricia Hardig
Yreka (former Plumas County resident)

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