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Letter to the Editor: Voter obstruction

As we begin another election cycle the Republicans have devised more ways to obstruct voting.  They have continued their unrelenting attack on our democracy by inventing these schemes since 1865 and these evil ideas are effective.  It is truly un-American!  Conservatives (in 1865 Democrats) began with poll taxes, literacy tests, and guessing how many beans were in a glass jar to prevent newly freed slaves from voting.  No kidding!  Violence, murder, and brutal intimidation were used in the 1960s.  Now we have voter suppression, insufficient voting places, Voter ID, forcing mail in voters to have their signature witnessed, removing voters of color from the voter rolls, Texas is only allowing one ballot drop off box per county, and California Republicans are placing phony collection boxes around the state.  The conservative Supreme Court struck down section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Republicans and Trump are simply lying about the effective nature of vote by mail, which is the way President Trump votes.  These guys cannot win with their ideas.  They win by cheating.

Don McKechnie



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