Letter to the Editor: Voting ‘no’ on the recall

I am so glad someone pointed out that the recall petitions pre-date the Covid- 19 pandemic. I saw the first petitions just days after Newsom was sworn in. Sure that round failed to get enough signatures in time. Well so did the current round, but they were given extended time.

So, really, this recall push has nothing to do with the pandemic response. It has nothing to do with Governor Newsom, since it started before he had a chance to do anything at all. It has everything to do with the D after his name on the ballot.

Let’s not fall into the trap of voting because of party. Let’s look at the fact that California has risen from the ashes of Covid and while many are still struggling, they are getting help and California has a healthy economy and more importantly, we are going to have a healthy populace again.
I am voting NO on the recall.

Darrah Hopper