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Letter to the Editor: Wait until next year to ask for pay increases

Ava Hagwood, I hear you! I was once a member of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors, representing Greenville and Indian Valley. I believe I was the first woman to be directly elected to that position, not appointed; and just the second to even be there; 1970’s. My hometown for 70+ years, was Greenville and Indian Valley. Just two years after having been elected to the Board of Supervisors, however, I resigned and was elected back to the school board; I wanted to help make Feather River College a reality. It happened, but it took a lot of dedicated people to dig in get the job done. I’ve never regretted that decision.
You speak of average pay for county employees, I do understand, but many folks in Greenville now make an average pay of nothing; so, I see this coming year as the year for advocates, helping those who have no homes, or jobs, but still have hope for a future.

The folks you speak of probably do need a raise, but how about next year? And this year they can postpone their intended pay increases to help those who are still in shock; they’re just over the mountain. You might advocate for pay increases, next year, but this year, please do advocate for those who have no job, no home, and essentially, no future, yet.

Nansi Bohne


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