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Letter to the Editor: We are bruised, but will heal

The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled and soon our four-year nightmare will be over. I am optimistic that there will be prison sentences for many of the participants. I am grateful that not all Republicans drank the Trump Kool-Aide and actually chose country over party as it should be. It is scary to know that so many of our lame duck followers believe every word spoken by him and have lost their ability to think critically and independently.

Our own Representative Doug LaMalfa, who has been a Trump sycophant from day one, is a perfect example of that. He has further embarrassed himself by being a signer of support for the Texas lawsuit to the Supreme Court and evidently made a fool of himself last night during his interview on CNN. Our district deserves so much better than the mediocrity he has been providing.

I look forward to a healing for this fractured nation. I look forward to civil discourse and the ability to disagree and yet still work for the betterment of our nation. We have had our democratic principles bruised but thankfully, they remain standing for our beloved Republic for the United States of America.

Laura E. Rodriguez


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