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Letter to the Editor: We could always count on him; we encourage everyone to vote for Johns

In the dark days and weeks leading up to, and following August 4th , every day was consumed by the search for information and resources. Where was the fire? Where is the wind blowing today? Where can we get a little cell and internet service? How can we get the propane truck through the roadblocks to keep the generators running? Having to drive to Almanor, Portola, Quincy, and Indian Valley for work, there was one constant that you could count on, the gold sedan of Sheriff Todd Johns. No matter where you went, or the time of day or night, you always saw Sheriff Johns somewhere. He was always available to help you get information or get something done. On a local, state, or federal level, if you needed something done, Sheriff Johns was who you needed to contact. The commitment, dedication, and love, Sheriff Johns has shown for Plumas County is inspiring. We would, without hesitation, encourage every Plumas County resident to vote for Sheriff Todd Johns.

Merri and David Schramel


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