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Letter to the Editor: We need DWIGHT CLINE for SHERIFF!

I volunteered/worked for 15+ years at the Chester Substation as Sheriff’s Assistant (aka “Substation wife/ mom”), so I got to know the inner workings of the Dept. and the two candidates. We are voting for Dwight Cline for Sheriff because of his selflessness to come out of retirement; for his many years of experience & devotion to Plumas County from Portola to Chester; and his courage to speak honestly about the problems & failures of the present administration. I know him as a true American, a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, self-assured, even tempered, honest & he has a great sense of humor. He will serve this county and the PCSO employees with intelligence, integrity & fairness, he will protect & serve all of our communities…..even during a Dixie fire! We were so disappointed when we returned from evacuation to hear from local RELIABLE sources that Todd Johns essentially failed to come to Chester or even call the brave people who stayed here! Law enforcement, firefighters, medical personnel, merchants & residents should have had the Sheriff’s personal presence & support.
Please consider your vote for a new Sheriff: DWIGHT CLINE.

Chris & Carol Morgenroth

Chester, CA

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