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Letter to the Editor: Weimarica

The fuel behind the 1917 Russian “Revolution” was victimhood. Infiltrators like Trotsky and his thousands of minions came from outside Russia to apply the political philosophy of Marxism on a first test population. Their target wasn’t just Russia, rather, the whole world.

The Bolsheviks appealed to the average workers and roused them by identifying them as oppressed by anyone above them in economic or social status. The mind is a difficult vector by which to stir the masses, but not the heart. Emotion is much more volatile than reason.

There are two sides to the heart – love and hate. The Bolsheviks tapped into the hate side of each individual’s heart. Hate, the great unity. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

By the time that the internationalists dissolved the USSR in 1989, most independent historians agree that fifty to one hundred million Russians were executed, starved, or worked to death in the gulags. The Bolshevik party were merely the ring leaders, few in number. Granted, they took their share of Russian lives, but it was the Russian people who imprisoned, tortured and worked to death tens of millions their own brothers and sisters. Stoked by victimhood and hate.

Today’s American Democratic party operates similarly to the Bolsheviks, many suffer the same weakness, they identify as victims. Their base drive is hate, not love. And this is bond of their cohesiveness. Many allow their basal hate to override reason or love. It may be that some don’t fundamentally possess either, thus they’re the fish that bite on the communist lure. Real love and reason are based on truth; hate and or victimhood leave little energy for that pursuit.

The Republican party also uses the hate game, but with less emphasis on identifying its followers as victims. In recent times, they’ve been the force in fomenting wars of aggression since 2001, resulting in millions of “people of color”, and many American soldiers, unnecessarily killed.

The whole politics game, structured around a two party system, is by design a built in division of a people, which leads eventually to the totalitarianism we are experiencing. Neither platform of red elephants or blue donkeys does this world any good. They’re both pandering to international communism, the red ones just hide better. But hands down, the blue ones are center stage domestically, trashing this place out. The red ones prefer trashing other countries.

Since the Democratic party was transitioned from “old school” to progressive “woke” ideology, rife with communist identities, such as “social justice warrior” (straight out of Fidel Castro’s mouth), this country resembles Weimar Germany, which was a victim of international communism spreading to Europe. Today’s domestic and geopolitical landscape resemble pre-WW 2 in many ways.

The “wokesters” have a big surprise coming. Communism is what’s used to take a country down. The promises of diversity, inclusion and equity are not real once a country falls; and when “the Phoenix rises from the ashes”, they’ll find they were duped. The hypocritical “antifa” might realize that they helped create a real fascism, ie. authoritarian corporate control.

International communist Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum did recently promise us that “Ze cyber pandemic vill eclipse ze Covide pandemic”.

Rather than de-escalate, these blue and red creatures are doing everything to get people killed in the Ukraine. I wouldn’t rule out a draft, they’re almost at WW 3, and setting up the “fall guy” to blame for a cyber “lights out” that this country could experience at any moment.

Western affiliates recently destroyed Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline to Europe (and blamed Russia!). All it takes is “someone” to destroy a couple undersea internet cables, and stuff doesn’t work. City dwellers in affected areas would be eating each other after around a week of system shut down. The rest of us wouldn’t be much better off.

Tanks a lot, this country is turned into a bad dream, with the real nightmare ready to start at the push of a button, and that doesn’t have to be nukes. But nukes might actually be more humane…

“And you tell me over and over, my friend. Ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction.”
Barry McGuire- “Eve of Destruction” 1965

Robert Milne

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