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Letter to the Editor: Welcome to the new America

Is the only thing Republicans have to talk about really their crack-pot alternate climate theories and Biden being the sole cause of worldwide inflation and high gas prices? Don’t they have stickers that say that? Still nothing about their monumental SCOTUS victory? Just the hive mind OUTRAGE about the LEAK, and shushing Democrats for “overreacting” to having our freedoms disappeared, one by one.

We know that folks on the Right live in an alternate reality echo chamber all their own, hear only what they want to hear, and believe only what they aim to believe. If normal people don’t wake up soon and act, we’ll be living in an entirely different America.

In Republican/Libertarian/Evangelical Magical Thinking Land, Joe Biden is an ultra-Left radical. Not the moderate Democrat he has always been, and every Democrat is secretly a Socialist, or something far more perverse. We’ve heard this a million times, and we also know It literally does not matter to them what the Right invents, lies about, or does wrong. Mainstream, moderate views have turned radical overnight and become evil “wokeness.” Fascism is the new “freedom,” according to the minority’s preference for permanent control. America is “at war on our southern border” because brown people are all automatically drug dealers, rapists, and pedophiles. All of them Left-wing extremists in training, existing only to prop up the Democratic Party. Books the Right doesn’t approve of must be banned or burned, and the accurate history of slavery and racism must be erased from classrooms. Teachers better watch their backs and say nothing to children the Right doesn’t like, if they expect to avoid lawsuits and keep their jobs. There is no separation of church and state. Women are chattel; breeders for the creation of babies within traditional family units. Otherwise, they’re suppliers of infants for the Fundamentalist Christian Church to adopt, home-school, and raise to expand the Trump worshiping Christian extremist base. The LGBTQ community will cease to exist, or recede in fear back into the closet. Protesting is allowed for the Right-wing only. Republicans, Libertarians, fascists, may behave however they like. Carry their guns, wherever, whenever they want, riot when they deem it necessary, and overthrow any administration that doesn’t suit. Free as they are to blame whomever for their actions. No protesting should ever occur by “woke” Liberals, especially not people of color. This is offensive, scary, and wrong, and will be stamped out. Police are the police, they have the authority to kill people. If it so happens it’s mostly black or brown people who are killed during routine encounters, this is the fault of the unarmed citizen. It is by no means a racist system. Police only kill people who deserve to be killed. There are no “conditions” that lead to or cause poverty, crime, drug use, and drug dependency. Poor people are to blame for their circumstances. The Christian thing to do is to make them accountable for their poverty. When people who have more feel charitable and offer something out of the goodness of their heart, or to save on taxes, poor people should be grateful and stop complaining. Then pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Taxes must never be raised, for any reason. Rich people should always be given a break. It will trickle down one day. There is no climate crisis. Everybody who accepts climate change as a fact is wrong. Regardless of what science tells us. No matter how many expert scientists agree and are warning us that the situation is dire. Right-wing armchair scientists always know better. Their understanding of climate is far superior to the “mainstream science,” which is a Liberal fake. There will always be picayune exceptions to the fake Liberal science to match the rapidly expanding number of animals on the endangered species list. Big oil has nothing to do with the climate emergency, or the cost of gas. Nothing is ever the fault of a Republican administration.

Out here, in the real world, we observe the coopted “patriotism” the Right claims belongs exclusively to them, and we scratch our heads. They wave the flag and whine twenty-four-seven that it’s their freedom that’s been stolen by Liberals. Examples given lately have a lot to do with the pandemic. Pastor Ken Brown, interviewed in The Atlantic, from the Detroit suburb of Trenton, calls it a problem of “discernment.” I’ll say! The Right is very upset about the loss of their freedom, albeit temporary, to spread disease to everyone if they darn-well please. They won’t be “muzzled” with “face diapers.” Most people call them masks, but okay. Maybe they’re thinking about the kind of talking they do best. People have been wearing masks in medical settings for decades. The Right says masks were always wrong. They’ve enlightened the world that “face diapers” didn’t end the pandemic. The pandemic they also tell us never existed and is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated by Democrats. Ivermectin, they say, is the real cure for Covid and the vaccine kills. All those people in the hospitals died from the vaccine, not fake Covid. They say, too, that nobody really died. Why would they acknowledge masks were intended to slow the spread of Covid, not as the entire solution to Covid? It’s what Fauci said. Trump doesn’t like Fauci. Therefore, every word from Fauci’s mouth is a lie. Today’s Right-wing cherish their freedom to spread disinformation and lies, steal elections, and overthrow the government when they don’t like election outcomes. It should be, whatever they say goes. When they say “Trump won,” and there’s zero evidence to support that, we should all agree “Trump won.”

Isn’t it fabulous! And now they’ve set the clock back fifty years. Soon, we’ll join the ranks of El Salvador, Malta, Poland, Nigeria, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. We have become the only country in the world moving backward on reproductive freedom. Brought to us by the freedom and Liberty people. What an achievement! Nobody’s treading on them. The Right will do the treading in this country. Welcome to the new America.

Helene Day


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