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Letter to the Editor: What makes us different

I’ve been fortunate to have worked in several states and countries when I was younger, plus I have hitchhiked over much of Europe. One of those countries was Holland where, I understand, Mr. Klement hails from. The Dutch are overall the friendliest people I have ever encountered. After reading his vitriolic letter, I recommend he visit his relatives there and hope that their kindness might rub off on him a wee bit.

Having consulted with two friends of mine who are lawyers,, apparently Mr. Klement didn’t make any libelous claims that are actionable in his Letter To The Editor. Also, because John Sheehan is a public figure in Plumas County, he has less protection against libel than us ordinary folk. Still, that is no excuse to write such negative, non-substantiated comments about another person. Luckily for Mr. Klement, John is an exceptionally nice individual who won’t be looking to exact any physical or verbal revenge.

What I really want to say here is that there are not liberals, conservatives, libertarians, etc. There is only us. I taught Anatomy & Physiology at FRC for 30 years. Mr. Klement has a beating heart, a pair of inflatable lungs, and an almost 30-foot-long gastrointestinal tract. So does John Sheehan. So do Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for that matter. Unfortunately what’s different amongst people is the pre-frontal cortex and what one chooses to say or not say out loud. It’s too bad that every body doesn’t cherish the differences between individual people and recognize that most people would agree on 90+ percent of all topics. The other 10 percent could be successfully negotiated to conclusions that everyone could live with.

The perfect illustration of this train of thought is something the great Bruce Springsteen shouts into his mike on the YouTube version of his wonderful song Born To Run just before the music starts: in the end, nobody wins unless everybody wins! Hopefully, Mr. Klement, you can take that saying to heart

Jim Cross


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