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Letter to the Editor: What your quilt has meant to me-thank you Susanville quilters

This is to Laura from the quilters from the Country Pines Quilt Shop in Susanville.

My name is Joan Carter, and I was a recipient of one of your group’s beautiful quilts for those of us here in Greenville.  My husband Dan and I lost our home in Berry Creek in the North Complex Fire and moved to Greenville to rebuild.  We had a foundation poured when the Dixie Fire destroyed our sweet town and decimated most of Northern California.  When I heard your girls had spent their time and prayers to bless us with their creations I was first in line.  So I would like to share a story with them to help them understand how much their gifts mean to us.

When I found out I was going to have open heart surgery, my first place to share the news was with my girlfriends at the Calvary Chapel Green Valley in Henderson Nevada.  Their strength was there for me.  When I woke up in recovery I realized I was surrounded by angels, no, it was the Calvary quilters surrounding my bed and praying words of thanksgiving.  Draped over me was a quilt covered with squares here and there with Bible verses.  What a way to come back to life.  Soon the word got out and the room was filling up.  Everyone was crying.  In the following days people would come into my room to see the quilt.  It became legendary at St. Rose hospital.  It was one of the first things I grabbed when we evacuated Berry Creek.

You might not have gotten a lot of thank you notes back from those you gifted.  We are in the midst of a period of mourning the past and trying to figure out the future.  At times it is overwhelming.  But this does not mean that your gifts aren’t appreciated.  As the days go by, they will become the first treasure for the new home,  a reminder that good people everywhere care enough touch our hearts and share our pain.

My quilt will hang on the wall in my new spare bedroom opposite my Calvary quilt on the other wall and the 150-year-old family quilt on the bed.  This will be my “quilts of love” room, where my guests will stay, surrounded by warmth and caring.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this effort.  Please share my gratitude with them and assure them that they have brought joy and hope.


Joan Carter

Greenville, ca




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