Letter to the Editor: Where is the local leadership?

Yesterday, I heard some concerning stories about our local businesses, law enforcement and covid. People are struggling economically and they intend to re-open despite a state-mandated order to close temporarily. Further, law enforcement indicated they would not prosecute any business that defies this order. If these are true statements, where does that leave our community?

Where does that leave me? I am already restricting my movement to getting groceries and buying gas. My protocol is exceptional because I am older and have family members with compromised immune systems. I have neighbors in similar situations. Luckily for me, I am retired so I don’t worry about going to work to pay my bills.

I’d like the sheriff and county supervisors to go on record as to how they will handle and support this temporary order. If they don’t want to support it, or prefer a separate, local mandate that will protect businesses, health and hospital capacity, please let us know. I’d also like to know what law enforcement in Portola is doing to support this effort.

Do we have local leadership? Do we have some community influencers who can encourage good covid protocol? If so, now is the time to speak up.

Perhaps If we truly work together on this, we can get our economy back, as well as ensuring the health and safety of everyone. It can be done but it takes a huge, TEMPORARY commitment.

S Harvey

Graeagle, CA