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Letter to the Editor: Where’s the decency?

Decency and respectful behavior seem to be out of style these days. We reference Jan Klement’s character assassination of John Sheehan in last week’s paper. His caustic insinuations serve no useful purpose and certainly distract from the good works that the FRC Board has been doing for years.

If ever there were a true public servant, John Sheehan fits the description. His record of Plumas County public service is almost unparalleled: 20-pluas years giving effective contributions to the Quincy Library Group, 25 years on the FRC Board and 20 years with Plumas Corporation. He also hangs the art shows at the Main Street Artists Gallery.

Where is our civil discourse? Each person is entitled to his/her own opinions and is entitled to be treated with respect and dignity. Unfortunately this was sadly lacking in Mr. Klement’s vilification. The College needs dedicated board members like John Sheehan.


Sally and Mike Yost

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