Letter to the Editor: Why I decided to be vaccinated

People who are hesitant to get vaccinated for some reason or other, maybe questioning where it originated, from a leak in a lab or from some wild animal. Or maybe it was the rapid development of a vaccine. There are some reasons that I went ahead and got vaccinated, one to help curb the virus’s spread and the other the lingering effects of it. Up to 34 percent of covid survivors are diagnosed with neurological or psychiatric conditions within six months of their initial infection. The most common brain-related issue was anxiety, followed by mood disorders, lesser disorders were strokes and dementia. The virus enters the brain is known but it probably doesn’t have much effect on the neurons themselves, but more on the tissues that surround them. Even though the survivors escape any of these symptoms they still tire easily a year after the initial infection. Taking into case these considerations I did not feel lucky enough to avoid the shot. If I was that lucky I would have won the lottery long time ago.

Duane Vander Veen