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Letter to the Editor: Why I Support Sheriff Todd Johns

I think we can all agree that the last two years have been beyond challenging for not only Plumas County residents but for the entire world.  The Pandemic has irreversibly changed our lives and shifted perspectives on a universal scale.  As if the Pandemic was not enough of a “significant emotional event,” the Dixie fire ravaged much of Plumas County and decimated Greenville altering our sense of security while sequestered in our mountain paradise.

While my fear stopped me in my tracks, glued me to the maps, updates and virtual community meetings, I watched with admiration, the “doers” – the firefighters, first responders and law enforcement, all actively and selflessly working to protect us.  I gained a profound respect for the leaders of our community, whose relentless calm and assuring presence gave me some comfort during the scary days and nights of last summer.

Sheriff Todd Johns was one of the people I looked forward to hearing from, daily, even if it was bad news.  He was there from the beginning to the end providing clear information and direction, demonstrating leadership during one of Plumas County’s darkest hours.  While he lost much of his hometown, he provided direct support to those who lost everything, and exercised incredible leadership in the Lassen County debacle.  Sheriff Johns has not blown his own horn because that’s what quiet leaders do – their job – which is a commitment to serve and protect.

If Sheriff Todd Johns can lead us through chaos, imagine all the good things he can and will accomplish when times are not so trying.  There are probably a multitude of reasons to vote for Todd Johns, but for me, this is why he’s got my vote.

Lisa Kelly


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