Letter to the Editor: Why I support Todd Johns

I was born and raised here in beautiful Plumas County.  My husband and I raised our family in Portola, and our kids are raising our 7 grandchildren in the same community they were raised. We own and operate 2 businesses in Plumas County, my son is a deputy, and my husband is serving as your Undersheriff.

My husband has worked for the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office for 28 years. He’s served in many different roles, and as a law enforcement family, we’ve seen a lot and been through a lot. We love our community and care about what happens here. We are committed to making Plumas County a better place. In 28 years, we have been through 4 Sheriff’s elections, but this current election has been one of the most difficult. To put it mildly, I am extremely disappointed. It’s difficult enough in a non-election year to determine what’s true and what’s not. What to believe and what not to believe, even from past elected Sheriffs.  There have been accusations, misinformation, and character assassinations tossed around like it’s just part of the game.

As entertaining as some may think, I don’t believe mudslinging and proliferation of rumors is a noble way to campaign. I’m hoping the good people of Plumas County ask questions and consider outcomes and actions over a manufactured crisis. Don’t be distracted by rhetoric. Character matters. Facts matter. Hard work and experience matter. And that is why I am choosing to support Todd John’s for Sheriff.

I know how challenging it’s been the last 2 years, and I’ve seen first-hand the hard work, love and compassion that’s managed to get Sheriff Johns and my husband through the challenges. With quiet resolve Todd and Chad both have given so much to keep our Sheriff’s office going. Unlike some in the past, Todd is not one to sensationalize and make it about himself. Alongside the sheriff’s office employees, Todd and my husband worked tirelessly during the fires and the pandemic. They are working diligently to get the jail project finished, along with countless other projects all while they adjust and navigate through the county’s current decline and struggles.


We want to make our communities better, with professionalism, hard work and honesty, and this is happening already and will continue under Sheriff John’s leadership. Together, with our families who joined in the tradition of law enforcement and leadership in our community, we share a common goal; Plumas County is home.

An election is like a job interview. As a business owner, I would hire the person with the most experience, qualifications, ability and integrity. As a mother, grandmother, wife and community member I’m hiring the one I trust.

Plumas County deserves stability and strong leadership. Our family looks forward to continuing to serve under Sheriff Todd Johns. Todd John’s has my full support for a second term as Sheriff.

Renee Hermann