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Letter to the Editor: Why the sudden interest?

According to PlumasNews.com, the US Representative for our district, LaMalfa, is conducting a roundtable discussion (April 30th) to share ideas on small business needs to improve local economies post COVID-19. These ideas would include regulation reform, infrastructure improvements, and economic development assistance.

My question is why the sudden interest in Plumas Country, in infrastructure, in economic development, and generally anything to do with our district? It’s not like LaMalfa has ever done anything for our district before…

Since 2013 when LaMalfa was elected, he sponsored 55 bills of which only 2 became law: one to name a Post Office and another that entrusts lands for the Susanville Indian Rancheria (2015). The rest of his bills (a majority which never got out of committee) involved removing environmental protection concerns for our forests (which is disgusting), protecting idiots who don’t get vaccinated against COVID-19, bills to discriminate against transgender people, impose restrictions on mail-in ballots to only be counted if received on election day (stupid idea), and a bunch of ‘feel-good’ bills that went nowhere.

In total, LaMalfa put his signature on 1,296 sponsored and cosponsored legislation, and amendments.  Most of which went nowhere and certainly did nothing for the people in our district, especially Plumas County.

But remember, LaMalfa voted 61 times to repeal the ACA to take affordable healthcare away from all Americans. Did you get your $1,400 American Rescue Plan check? Remember, LaMalfa did not want you to get that check or $15/hour minimum wage. But he sure did vote yes for tax cuts for the wealthy in 2017. And how many of those $160,000/year government subsidy checks did he receive from our government over the decade?

The Republicans were in complete control of our government in 2017-2018. LaMalfa and the Republicans could have passed anything they wanted to help typical Americans, especially in Plumas County. But they did absolutely nothing for us. They never do and no, a Democrat authored the Eisenhower Interstate bill.

At the roundtable discussion, I hope LaMalfa is asked questions as to why he does absolutely nothing for his constituents. I won’t be attending – LaMalfa and many, many  Republicans are basically traitors to our country because they attempted to destroy America’s Constitutional Democracy and replace it with a dictator.  It’s called fascism and that’s what the Republican Party now stands for.

Mark Mihevc


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