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Letter to the Editor: With regard to Trent Saxton

Your Board has been fooled by BLM. My email letter was intentionally “Hijacked” by surrogates of BLM in this county, as it was photo-shopped from Dr. Saxton’s Face Book page, then passed among the left leaning BLM organizations as though it were written by Dr. Saxton, it was not.

I take full responsibility for the contents of that letter. Trouble was brewing for the small town of Loyalton on June 13, from the Marxist group BLM. I contacted Dr. Saxton on 6/8/2020, I ask that he get the word out to as many people as he could. If you look at the original post, you can see that my sentences were spread apart. BLM sympathizers used Dr. Saxton’s name as the author of that letter because he reposted my letter on Face Book. They cut off my email address above and the article about Idaho, which was below my email message. Again, Dr. Saxton had nothing to do with the content of my letter.

Tom Dotta

Loyalton, CA.

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