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Letter to the Editor: Won’t wear a mask

I am writing to your readers because I am deeply trouble by recent events. During the last several months compulsory masks have been forced upon our society. For such a sweeping social change there has never been a debate, nor have any laws been passed, neither has there been any semblance of due process. Rather it has been imposed upon us by unelected bureaucrats and royal decree from the governor. Even more troubling is that most everyone has blindly accepted these edicts without any protest of the usurpation of their rights. Such passive subservience to naked tyranny fills me with disgust for my countrymen, for it does bode well for our national future.

Such an attitude may be forgiven if there was sufficient cause, however there is no rational case for forced masking which I will illustrate in short order.

If we are to believe the official coronavirus statistics, which are dubious at best, then there is statistically no pandemic.

There is not a single scientific study, or any scientific evidence, which shows masks slow the spread of disease. The country of the Netherlands has officially confirmed this.

All the scientific studies that I have read have concluded that face masks do not slow the spread of disease transmission, and one in particular a 2015 study of 1600 medical professionals concluded that face masks increase the contraction rate of influenza like illnesses.

These royal mask decreases are arbitrary, incoherent, and tyrannical. I’m a less likely to spread coronavirus while eating than I am shopping? How about protesting or going to church? Do I have rights over my own body? How come I can decide to get an abortion, but can’t decide whether to wear a face mask?

The daily death rate for America, which is about 7,700, has not increased during 2020

Cloth face masks do not stop viral aerosols, which is why viral PPE looks like a nuclear hazmat suit.

I for one will not wear the mask, the burden of proof is on those who seek to change the social order, such proof must be laid out and publicly debated and whatever decision is made must be made through our democratic process.

I urge all people to throw away their masks and walk freely until such is done, for if you can be force to wear a mask by tyrannical fiat you can be forced to do anything, or have anything done to you, against your will.

Ryan Goff


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