Letter to the Editor: Words matter

I recently received an email from Megan Dahle that asked me to fill out the “survey below” but there was no survey below. There was a link. This was the first question in her survey.
“Here are a list of issues that many are facing throughout AD01, please select those most important to you.”
I noticed that the second word in the first question was incorrect. It had a noun-verb agreement error. To make things worse this was also a run-on sentence.
To be fair, other than the word received being misspelled on her exit page — “Your message has been recieved.” (sic) and thanking me for contacting her, when she actually contacted me, the survey was OK, with the exception of the do you still beat your wife type question.
Some of my friends think I’m too picky about things. But, things, like words, are important.
And before anybody accuses me of being an elitist, this is stuff that kids learn about somewhere between 2nd and 3rd grade.
Look. I’m not picking on Ms Dahle. I’m sure she is a fine person, but by what I have seen in her correspondence, makes me feel that she is either really not qualified for the job, or she can’t delegate. Either way, I have no faith in Ms Dahle representing our district.
Our district is huge with complex and varied problems. We need somebody who has the education and passion to take on these problems and represent the entire district. I believe that person is Elizabeth Betancourt. Unlike Ms Dahle’s lack of education, Elizabeth Betancourt has earned both a bachelor’s degree in science and resource management, and a master’s degree in forest and source-water management. Considering the problems facing our corner of the state, I don’t believe you could find anyone with an education that would be better suited for dealing with the current problems and the future of our area.
And one other point, do we really need the possibility of both a state senator and an assembly person for such a large area to be from one house in one small town so far removed from most of the people in D01?
I am voting for Elizabeth Betancourt for California State Assembly District 1 for the good of the district, and for the good of the State of California. Will you please join me?

Dennis Hayes
Greenville, Plumas County, AD01