Letter to the Editor: Worked with Johns; he is a man of integrity

As a former Plumas County Sheriff Deputy, serving the Chester community for six years, I cannot endorse Sheriff Todd Johns more wholeheartedly. I have had the opportunity to work alongside both Dwight Cline and Todd Johns during my time with PCSO, and Todd is the man fit for the job.

The first words that come to mind when I think of Todd Johns are quiet integrity. He isn’t a flashy man, he isn’t a politician. He’s a hardworking man who loves his county and keeps his head down. Todd is a fair and honest person. In the 12 years I have known Todd, I have never heard him speak ill of anyone. If he has an issue, he will talk directly to you about it. He may not tell you what you want to hear, but he will tell you the truth. This is a quality that is rare to find these days and something that I admire greatly about Todd.

During my time at the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office, Todd worked as the Administrative Sergeant. Todd took on many other duties as well like, running the range program, being the liason between the Sheriff’s Office and Plumas Unified School District, he ran the OHV and forest patrol programs, as well as the training programs for the Sheriff’s Office. Todd went above and beyond to make sure that the deputies had the opportunity to travel outside the county to attend high quality trainings like drug recognition programs and tactical shooting programs. He didn’t have to do these extra jobs. We didn’t have to have those trainings to stay compliant. But Todd cared enough about the deputies and county to ensure that we were getting the best training possible. Todd also wrote numerous grants during my time at the Sheriff’s Office, bringing in money for much needed equipment. Todd kept deputies apprised of constantly changing case laws and would ask us scenario based questions to keep us sharp and make sure we understood and were making good, informed decisions while on patrol.

I am not here to attack Dwight Cline – I had a good working relationship with him as well. But as far as qualifications go, Dwight is grossly under qualified when compared to Todd. When it comes to running the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office, I believe Todd is the only candidate that is qualified to do so.


It would be much easier for Todd to walk away with the state that this county is in, but it speaks to the man that I worked alongside, that he is choosing to stay on and fight hard for everyone in this county. I’m not here to tell you who to vote for, I just want to give you a few reasons why I support Todd Johns for Sheriff.

Michael Kincaid

Former Sheriff’s Deputy