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Letter to the Editor: Zip it Ditto Heads

In his column for The Atlantic, Tom Nichols writes about “The Ugly Elitism of the American Right.” He begins, “No one hates ordinary people like the Republicans and their media enablers do.” About the revelations from the Dominion defamation lawsuit against Fox News. Proof of what we always knew. Tucker, Laura, and Sean lie to and patronize their viewers. An audience satisfied to have seen nothing about it, or almost nothing, on Fox for weeks. They are, no doubt, rehearsing First Amendment talking points. Tricky, now that Rupert Murdoch has testified they weren’t merely reporting an alternative viewpoint. “Yes,” Fox endorsed Trump’s lies to pacify viewers.

Nichols points out, “top Fox personalities have admitted that they fed the rubes all of this red, rotting meat to keep them out of the way of the Fox limos headed to Long Island and Connecticut.” Fox viewers don’t care. They’ll always be hungry for junk, and elitist Tucker Carlson has already begun to appease Trump and Ultra-MAGA with his dumb, low-energy revisionist history of January 6th. Tucker, and the suddenly turned backwoods Republican Ivy Leaguers, “couldn’t care less about the voters — those hoopleheads back home who have to be placated with idiotic speeches against trans people and ‘critical race theory.’” Still, as if sanctioned by God, Republicans will regurgitate their ill-informed opinions. Imagining, in elaborate cosplay, that every thought, every blip of their feelings, is politically important. Rather than living honestly in the complexity of the broader world.

One true thing, I’m done with Ultra-MAGA dittos of “it’s the media, bla, bla…both sides, bla, bla.” No, it’s Fox, and the extremist propagandists who follow their lead. As long as Republicans are going to have an impenetrable mental block, and remain unable to differentiate Right-leaning and Left-leaning opinion journalism from the lies they want spit in their face, I don’t want you up in my grill. Understand? This feeble justification is over. You don’t do nuance? Okay. Now we know, for certain, you also don’t do the truth.

Helene Day


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