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Letters to the editor for the week of 7/24/19

Guidelines for letters

All letters must contain an address and phone number. Only one letter per week per person will be published; only one letter per person per month regarding the same topic will be published. Feather Publishing does not print third-party, anonymous or open letters. Letters must not exceed 300 words. Writers responding to previously published letters may not mention the author by name. The deadline is Friday at noon; deadlines may change due to holidays. Letters may be submitted at any of Feather Publishing’s offices, sent via fax to 283-3952 or emailed to [email protected].

Want to thank nice man

Recently my grandson and I had the chance to come up to Portola and visit the railroad museum. My grandson is a huge railroad fan and had a great time and even got to drive a train (with a little help of course). It was an adventure that will be remembered for a lifetime by our family.

And thanks to a Community Service Officer we have a picture to mark our day together. As we were leaving the museum I wanted to get a picture of my grandson standing in front of the big snowplow. I guess that the Community Service Officer saw me taking a picture. He stopped and asked if I wanted a picture of the two of us together and offered .to take it. Of course I jumped at the opportunity and he took a couple of pictures of us together standing in front of the big plow.

I am not a young man anymore and I love my grandson very much and cherish every minute we get to spend together. Now I have a picture of us together that I can look at and remember that day. When the time comes, the family that I leave behind will be able to look at that picture and remember the day more clearly. 1 didn’t get the name of that officer but I do want him to know that what he did is appreciated very much and he has my thanks.

If you know who this nice gentleman is please share this my thanks with him not only for what he did but for making Portola a little nicer place to visit.

Herb Thrasher
Santa Rosa

Another one?

In all of my many years on this earth I’ve seen many decisions that make me scratch my head in wonderment. However, the decision that nearly tops the list is why Quincy approved the building of another grocery store. Our small berg already has three and we need another like I need another birthday candle. Would anyone from the county supervisor’s office or planning department care to enlighten me?

Tom Wood


It has now been almost two years since Congressman Doug La Malfa came to a town hall in Chester and promised to work for “compassionate immigration reform.” I fear that he thinks it has been achieved.

Does he really think that a child being taken from his relatives and placed with strangers his age, that may not even speak the same language is compassionate? Does he think overcrowded facilities and lack of hygiene is compassionate? Does he think that children threatened with being detained longer if they wave to people outside the fence is compassionate? Does he think taking infants from their mothers is compassionate? Does he think putting a girl in solitary confinement because she needs crutches is compassionate? Can’t our compassion be stretched further than cold buildings and a mylar blanket?

I am furious that Congress did nothing to resolve this issue when they had control of the House, the Senate and the Presidency. Now they sit back and vote against every proposal brought to a vote in the new House. It is time to put the reputation of our nation before party principles. It is time to put humanity before pride.

It is way past time to get something done. And for once, I would like to see some compassion in our immigration laws.

Darrah Hopper

Don’t be complicit

The United States Congress voted on a resolution to condemn our President’s racist tweets that were directed toward four Freshman Congresswomen of color: Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. The resolution passed with all Democrats, four Republicans, and one Independent voting in favor. The remainder of Congress voted against the resolution. I was dismayed but not surprised that my Congressman Doug LaMalfa was one of that group. I called his Washington office and expressed this.

We have the leader of the United States of America displaying behaviors that parents would have corrected if they found them in their growing child. He is a bully, liar and spews antagonistic and hateful messages with abandon. It is like viewing the worst of reality television yet, it is not. It is what is happening in our country today.

The day after the resolution he attended a political rally and incited the crowd to chant, “send her back” after verbally attacking Representative Ilhan Omar from Minnesota. She is from Somalia and came to United States as a child. Her response was a quote from Maya Angelou: “You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I’ll rise.” There has been some protest from within his party but nothing that condemns him for the continued escalation in his behavior.

Those of us that turn our backs and remain silent are complicit in his behavior and share in any outcomes from it.

Laura E. Rodriguez

From the frying pan into the flames

This is sad to watch all these people fleeing socialism from countries around the world and South America only to wind up in another Democratic Socialist country called North America, how funny.

If the Democrat newbies in Congress have their way along with financial support from billionaires like Tom Steyer and George Soros who want to see America destroyed so they can control the sheeple and mushroom voters. This is what you the voters are called in Washington D.C. by the elite Democrats, aka, The Swamp. You are all known as mushrooms because voters in the Democrat party are fed generous amounts fertilizer and kept in the dark. That’s a common quote from the party bosses. That’s how you grow mushroom Socialism: Sounds perfectly innocent and even just peachy keen, words pleasant to the ear, even comforting to millennials and the fake media cult.

Before you all join hands and tiptoe through the tulips with Tiny Tim or skip down the yellow brick road with Toto and Dorothy in the Land of OZ, you need to do a reality check before you cast your vote for the Democrat Socialist Party and all the freebies.

There is no doubt that we have a critical global warming problem. The Democrat Socialist Party presidential candidates have released billions of metric tons of greenhouse gasses into American atmosphere, therefore changing AOC’s timeline of 12 years to the destruction of our planet to just before the outcome of the 2020 elections.

The new freshman Democrats have talked enough political hot air to melt both the North and South Poles. We were right to invest in property in Portola; it will be beach property by election time. Our problem with global warming isn’t farting cows or human population, it’s Congress. We the People need to tell these sticky-fingered freeloaders to get to work running this country or go home without pay and We The People will replace you in the 2020 elections. If we all scream together and let them know in DC we are fed up something besides hating our president may get done.

J. Williams


This, of course, is an extreme example of inadequate clearance. Many drivers allow only a small fraction of recommended clearance. When I learned to drive, two car lengths for each 10 miles an hour was standard. It was a visual rule and received frequent use. The DMV’s three-second rule contains major flaws. The 22 feet per car length is reasonable. However, watching another car pass a signpost at 60 miles an hour, and then counting to three, is not. The depth perception of most drivers begins to fail during their mid 20s. Few, if any, drivers can be expected to continue practicing this procedure. Our estimates of a three-second interval differ radically. And, of most importance, driving is a visually oriented activity. We have speedometers to evaluate time and distance. Admittedly, we no longer have the constant threat of blowouts. Nevertheless, our focus in days past was on driving. Brighter headlights, better brakes, reliable tires and seat belts should give today’s drivers an advantage. But any advantage is lost through a multitude of distractions. Cell phones, video screens and other distractions have proliferated. Our assumption of greater safety is unwarranted. At times, our highways are so congested that proper clearance is simply disregarded. Most of the accidents in our area seem to be caused by drugs, distractions, and driving too fast for conditions. We must be able to slow down or stop for rockslides, bears, deer, bicyclists and incompetent drivers without worrying about someone who is following too close. Driving safely requires greater attention to the road. To me, the simplistic three-second rule was a step backwards from the old two-car length rule, though it is doubtful that an objective statistical comparison of deaths and injuries will ever be made.

Wallace B. Eshleman

The percentages

At least in theory, each of three co-equal branches of government would account for 33 percent of the total decision-making power. Each of the nine justices on the Supreme Court would have 11.1 percent of the court’s power. The one person at the helm of the executive branch would have 100 percent of the power held by that branch. The percentages for the Senate are also easy to calculate: with 100 members, each senator would have 1 percent of the voting power of that body. The House of Representatives has 435 members, so 4 individual representatives have a voting power of less than 1 percent.

Which raises the question: with one senator from Vermont declaring himself to be a “Democratic Socialist,” and four representatives indicating some interest in the possibility of some democratic socialist policies, why would Fox News, many Republicans, and the Chief Executive go obsessive about this tiny percentage?

Gene Nielsen
Crescent Mills

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