Letters to the Editor for the week of 8/28/19

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Found by the side of the road

On Wednesday, Aug 14, at about 10:30 a.m., I was found by the side of the road on Hwy. 70 coming into Portola from the east on my bicycle. I have no idea what happened. There were no witnesses. Obviously I did something that resulted in my not getting thru a patch of gravel.


A Fed Ex driver by the name of Dave was driving by in the opposite direction. He stopped, crossed the highway and got me to talk a little bit and noted my injuries. Another person stopped and called 911. Dave was probably key to bringing me around. Good help from a Fed Ex driver. I was transported to EPHC ER where I received a lot of great care — first class treatment.

The Radiology tech really took care of getting images of my various points of contact with the ground. His work was so good that the folks at Renown in Reno had many good images to work with which allowed them to start treating me without having to wait for their own radiology.

Overall, I have to thank the EPHC folks for being so attentive and caring. Due to a concussion, my memory lacks any specifics other than what I’ve mentioned. I can say though, that I received excellent treatment. If one has to go to EPHC ER, one can be confident of getting great treatment.

Pat Cannon


My thanks

Ten days ago, my tricycle decided to an unexpected right turn, but with me not on it. I remember flying thru the air, seeing the pavement, and thinking, this flight is going to be painful. When I awoke, a neighbor held my head to make sure my neck was not broken, while others looked down at me with concern. Someone called an ambulance, and I went to the hospital.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for their care and concern.

They say that pain from broken or bruised ribs is worse pain than giving birth. Well, I developed two broken ribs, and can honestly say that after recovering these past 10 days, that if I had been given a choice, I would rather give birth.

So, my thanks to all the neighbors who were so very considerate and kind, and as the old saying goes, I couldn’t have done it without them.


P. S. the tricycle has recuperated and without a scratch.

John Probst

Editor’s note: Sympathy for your pain, but mothers may beg to differ.

Plan B or Alternative 2

With the daily low temps forecast to be in the mid-40s and the highs approaching 90 degrees, I’m sure the uppermost concern for everybody is the over-snow vehicle record of decision. Like it or not, the objection period has begun, and will last through September. The decision made follows Alternative 2-modified. If you have objections, voice them now, or forever hold your peace.

More importantly, the mountains of Plumas County need another generous snowpack. The snow, with high water content, enhances the moisture level of forest fuels, lowering the intensity of wildfires. An important winter tourism series, the Longboards races, depends on a good snowpack. Adequate snowfall is required for the third Sundays of January, February, and March. Adequate and consistent irrigation for pastures, field crops, and orchards depends on the snowpack. A generous snowpack enhances spring and summer recreation. Everybody think snow.


Gene Nielsen
Crescent Mills

Mining article

The mining article was accurate in portraying Mr. Marrs’ desire to dredge. He claims that scientific studies performed by others prove that suction dredging is harmless and even beneficial. He also falls back on his right to mine presumably any way he sees fit under the general mining law.

The article was completely one-sided and apparently written to elicit sympathy. The writer apparently did not verify whether Mr. Marrs’ conclusions about prior studies were valid, whether the enforcement incidents actually took place, and made no attempt to inform your readers that there are other sides to this issue.

Rick Humphreys

Citizenship required …

Sometime ago questions were raised about the citizenship of children, born in the USA, the children of illegal aliens.

Amendment XIV of the US Constitution, Section 1, states, in part, that “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside” and that a citizen born or naturalized can not be denied the equal protection of the laws.


Article II of the US Constitution, section [5], states that to be President of the United States a person has to be a “natural born citizen” , be thirty-five years of age and has been a resident in the United States for fourteen years.

Obviously, the framers tried to prevent a “foreigner” coming off the boat with a lot of money becoming President after being naturalized.

Fortunately, it’s very difficult to amend Constitution and that is exactly the reason the procedure is set forth in the Constitution.

Apparently there has been no reason to amend the Constitution and thus any person who is not born in the United States, but is a citizen, basically is qualified to run for office. Except for the office of President.

That may not always be “a good thing.” Assume that a person not born in the US is elected to serve in the US House of Representatives or the Senate and has alternative motives, i.e. not necessarily for the benefit of the US. Such person would be capable to use his or her position to create havoc, discord and make damaging public statements, most of the time protected by Freedom of Speech afforded by the Constitution.


It may well be that the Constitution should be amended to require members of the Congress may only take office if they are born citizens of the United States.

Historically, when the Constitution was adopted, the influx of foreigners was not an issue, as it is today.

Some folks easily forget the loyalty oath they take to become a citizen and take public office.

Jan Klement

Belonging and conformity

Ignorance and insecurity are the primary causes of our current stampede toward a herd mentality. Our cell phone and face book addictions serve to promote this mentality. However, today’s self-oriented, insecure, poorly educated Internet users have more to contend with than their own ultra conformity. For the past 45 years they have been programmed to accept the world as it is. Actual improvement of the world is deemed to be too demanding. Their extreme self-orientation serves to bypass the common helpfulness and concern for others that prevailed during much of the previous 45 years.


Today these self-centered individuals appear to be oblivious to the rapid destruction of their world’s natural environment, as well as to the dissolution of the nation’s social order. Personal responsibility is all but absent. Protests emulate childhood temper tantrums, and a fixation on money has replaced professional integrity as our standard for self-evaluation. The nuts and bolts factory worker of yesterday has become the equally bored push button worker of today. Broad education has been replaced by specialized training and indoctrination. And curiosity and skepticism remain in short supply. The new paradigm has become one of self-indulgence and the limitation of energy expenditure on physical labor.

Children’s play has long since become formalized. Learning to think as an individual has given way to group thought, to intentional ignorance, and to emotionally generated beliefs. A nation predicated on a balance of the personal opinions of well informed, thinking individuals has lost this essential foundation. Attention spans are short. Reading levels are reduced and parental surrogates are still expected to resolve the world’s problems.


Perhaps it’s just a passing phase in our society’s extended adolescence.

Wallace B. Eshleman

Defeating Trump

The Chinese could choose our next President. Why wouldn’t the Democrat National Committee work with the Chinese to defeat Trump in 2020? There’s little difference today between the two parties political goals and ideologies. Isn’t it odd that China started an official Trade War with the U.S. as of last week?

China, knew that slapping a $75 billion tariff on trade goods would cause a drop in the stock market unless the Federal Reserve lowered its rates. The Chinese announced their tariffs two hours prior to the Fed Chairman, Jay Powell’s, announcement or desire to lower Fed rates. Are the Chinese spying on the Chairman of the Federal Reserve? Did they know in advance that Jay Powell was going to be cautious in lowering the Fed rate?

What would happen to Trump’s election chances if in September of 2020 the Chinese were to increase tariffs further? A recession might occur, manufacturing would slow, hiring would end and layoffs would begin. Purchasing would slow, you get the picture.


Trump would be blamed. I think the Chinese by their actions this past week are testing their ability to move the U.S. markets regardless of how it affects their economy in the future. They will raise tariffs again prior to the election in an effort to destroy and defeat Trump.

Add the lies from the Fake MSM and the Democrat Party screaming “recession” and you have the perfect “Trifecta” to defeat Trump. Are Democrats colluding and conspiring with the Chinese to defeat Trump? Of course they would. They failed the first time with their Russians friends, why not try the Chinese?

It will take an astute voter and stock market manager to “resist” in the face of their threat. Our economy is strong and can survive regardless of Chinese trade and Democrat collusion.

Trent Saxton
Lake Davis