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Lions and tigers and bears

Well, we have two of the three, and it’s important for us all to be aware

Last week we published an article about multiple sightings of a mountain lion in the west Quincy area. The lion came into close contact with a number of residents and was nonchalant in its response to the humans. The piece was meant to alert area residents of the presence so they could be more aware as they went about their daily lives — particularly those with a fondness for their pets and children.

However, as with apparently everything these days, many on social media took the opportunity to snipe at one another. One respondent addressed the situation very well and wrote:

“It’s really disappointing to get on a local page (plumasnews on Facebook) and see nothing but people bullying each other over a simple warning! We live in an area with ALOT of wildlife! It’s a simple warning and yet there’s nothing but people — need I say GROWN ADULTS — doing nothing but criticizing each other over their opinions. Very disappointed in this community … Stop judging others and just spread the warning and help the community please!”

Thank you for being a voice of sanity. As a result of last week’s article, others have come forward to share their stories. The lion has been in more backyards, on decks and in driveways throughout the area surrounding the courthouse, the hospital and Feather River College. While most of the sightings have been at dusk and through the overnight hours, a fair amount of them have been during the day.

It’s just an important reminder that yes, we do live in an area that has abundant wildlife, but since we are cohabitating, it’s nice to know some of the comings and goings of our wildlife neighbors.

Good to clear yards of debris, but adhere to approved burn days

It was a standing room only crowd for the monthly Fire Safe Council meeting as area residents prepare for another fire season. Most are taking heed and clearing their properties of woody debris that could endanger their homes, but face a dilemma of how to dispose of it.

During the meeting they were told to be very wary if they choose to burn as the weather has been dry and windy as of late. One wouldn’t want to start a fire while trying to prevent one. This issue of the newspaper contains a recap of the meeting as well as the numbers that area residents should call before they ignite burn piles. Changing conditions mean burn day permissions are updating daily, sometimes even hourly, and are occasionally being pulled on the same day, regardless of previous approvals, as dry and windy weather persists. And keep in mind that burning is always prohibited in Quincy, East Quincy and the city of Portola.

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