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Local business says goodbye and gives thanks

As I sit here reflecting on the last seven years, I have very mixed emotions about closing the Locker Room restaurant in downtown Chester.

I started this as a hobby; something to do because I am not an outside person. I like to look at the blue sky and the beautiful shades of green in the spring, the white stuff covering the ground in winter and watching the colorful leaves falling to the ground. However, to be honest I do not want to be out in any of that!

Those that know me know I don’t do bugs! In case you aren’t aware, there are lions and tigers and bears, oh yeah and BUGS out there!  So now here we are with the Locker Room closing and a new chapter to fill in our lives moving forward.

We have met and come to love so many of our customers.  My Taco Tuesday 5 o’clock group, my coffee drinkers, those that have passed on and those that still come everyday and tell me about the good books they are reading and what I should read next! My older friends that I just cherish so much, including my 90-year-old cowboy who has been a part of my life for what seems like forever! And of course the couple that we have adopted as our local grandparents!  “Grandma” has officially become our birthday cake baker!

As for the young people that have been a part of our Friday pizza lunches for the last seven years — you have blessed me so much! I have loved watching you grow up and I really love it when you come back and visit and tell me about your lives!

David, Micah, Hunter, Poop, Rocklin. Megan, Allison, Courtney, Luke, Foster, Hannah, Sophie, Sedrick, Kelsey, Sam, Chloe and Tory:

These are just a few of the kids that I have got to be a part of their lives through Locker Room.

Our fabulous crew, those that started way back in the beginning to the ones we have now — we never could have done it without you! I have always said we are all about second chances, and have totally meant it.

But I also know, you all have given us second chances too!  My hubby is the one that always had the restaurants, not me. I never worked in one until this one. I’m sure it showed.

You all were so good and patient with me as well. Thank you for that! I truly have enjoyed getting to meet you all and have you become a part of our family! I hope we have blessed you as much as you have blessed us.

We have run this business with my family — lots of family! We couldn’t have done it without them, Praise God I have a big, wonderful family!

We started this with my three girls, one son, one niece, mom in law, Millard and myself, and then all of my other family members that were constantly around helping including nephews, my sister and brother in law, church family — shoot the list goes on and on!

My mother-in-law is still working for us, but she is moving permanently to Missouri in October. I have a nephew now that works for me instead of a niece, and he has a full time job plus my job, but he wants to focus more on his full time job because it will become an incredible career for him!

My daughter just got married to her high school sweetheart, one of the young people that I have enjoyed watching grow up. They are moving in November to start a whole new life. My next two daughters are still in high school and unfortunately don’t love the restaurant as much as I do.

So this brings me to what is happening next. Most of you know I have a daughter that is pregnant with twins and my SoCal family that is needing a little extra help with my mom who is not well. So it is with a heavy heart that brings me to tears just writing this.

We will be closing the restaurant on Oct. 2. I have to be able to see my TACO TUESDAY people one last time. We will open on Oct. 8 from 11 a.m.- 8 p.m. for those that still have gift certificates, silent auction certificates or WOW coupons that need to be used. You can decide to dine in or take out, but please use them.

Hope to see you all one more time and thank you all for letting me be a part of your lives as well! God Bless.

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