My May resolution was tough to follow

Looking back at my list of resolutions, I’ve set some lofty goals. I’d love to tell you I threw my phone in the lake for the month of May and went outside for face-to-face interaction more than screen time, but fact of the matter that wasn’t the case (thank you mother nature).

I did however make a better effort to find other activities to fill my time and allowed myself to use social media for business related tasks only. Obviously, I still managed the SHD Facebook page as well as a couple other apps that I manage for other businesses, but tried to be mindful of my endless scrolling to fill my spare time.

While I wasn’t 100 percent successful in May, that’s ok, because so far for the month of June, I’m right on track to kick my No Dairy Resolution in the butt. Wish me luck, there’s still two weeks to go!

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