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One month down on my annual resolutions

If you read my article on Jan. 16 in the Health, Mind & Body section, you know that I took a new approach to choosing a New Year’s Resolution. For 2019, I decided to try 12 mini resolutions that last a month and only a month.

Year after year, I set a lofty goal for the entire year and get discouraged around March when I realize I’ve already fallen off my resolution wagon. My first mini resolution is coming to a close tomorrow and I’m happy to report I will finish strong. In January, I gave up alcohol for the month. After all the holiday celebrations I try to do “Dry January” every year.

This year was particularly easy since I also did January Whole30 (a 30-day  clean-eating plan designed to clean up your eating habits by cutting out foods that might be having a negative impact on your health including dairy, sugar, grains, legumes, and alcohol. and a piece of that is no alcohol), which really helped keep me on track! I feel great knowing that I’m one day away from completing my first resolution and have a brand new one starting February 1.

Next month my goal is to wake up 30 minutes earlier on weekdays. I’m hoping this goal will help me prepare for daylight savings in March and not take its usual toll on me. Check back next month for another update and see how it goes!

If you’ve created mini-resolutions for yourself, I’d love to hear about it! Follow along on www.facebook.com/SenecaHealthcareDistrict.

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