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Only six days to go, but who’s counting?

Let’s tabulate those ballots and move forward

This will be the last editorial before the Nov. 8 election. As we pen this, a third of all Plumas County registered voters have already cast their ballot. No doubt by the time you read this that number will be far greater. The candidates keep talking; the advertisements keep playing; but by now those messages may be falling on deaf ears as the electorate here and across the country vote early. There’s just six days until everyone casts their ballot and the votes can be counted and we can hopefully begin to move on as a nation.

It won’t be easy. The level of vitriol on the presidential level has reached new heights and found its way right here to Plumas County. This newspaper has received complaints from both local Democrats and Republicans regarding their campaign signs being removed or defaced. That’s nothing unusual; it happens every campaign cycle, but it does appear to be a greater problem this year.

The democratic process has come under fire in the 2016 race for the White House with allegations of a biased media, rigged elections and behind-the-scenes machinations. One of our callers said the campaign sign issues do not represent how the democratic process is supposed to work. We should be able to write letters endorsing candidates and post yard signs supporting them. The issue has even found its way into the race for city council where a write-in candidate said her flyers have been torn down.

With only a few days remaining, let’s play nice. One week from today it will be over and we will still be neighbors, still trying to make our little corner of the world the best place that it can be. Let’s not lose sight of that in the heat of this protracted race. Staff writer Gregg Scott wrote the adjacent My Turn that is worth a read and may just be the antidote we all need.

While Plumas voters are currently leading the state in the number of ballots returned thus far, there are a number of ballots that won’t be counted if they aren’t picked up from the county’s elections office. There are roughly 400 undeliverable ballots filed in boxes waiting for their registered voter to claim them. Each time we move, we need to fill out a new voter registration card to update our new mailing address. The ballots are sent to the addresses as they appear on those cards. If you believe you are a registered voter and have not received your ballot, call 283-6256 or go to the county clerk’s office on the first floor of the courthouse in Quincy. It takes just a couple of minutes to update your information and a ballot can be issued on the spot. There’s just six days left. Let your voice be heard.

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